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Pet Beds

Our bECOsy pet beds are the World's first to be registered with the Vegan Society, they are luxurious, orthopedic, washable, waterproof and wipeable.


100% Natural Latex

The latex inside our bECOsy pet beds is 100% natural.  A lot of care and love has been put into the filling in our beds.  It will always regain its original shape and the bed will never go flat.  Inside our pet beds you will find a mixture of shredded Talalay, Dunlop and Graphite latex.

The latex comes from the milky white sap harvested from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). The latex sap contains antibacterial compounds that are resistant by nature to mould, mildew and dust mites.

The latex is vulcanised at more than 110 degrees for around 50 minutes to kill off all the most common allergies.  It is free from potentially harmful toxins and chemicals and protects the health of your pets, family and the environment.

The unique, nonlinear compression profile of a rubber cell makes heavier parts of the body sink into the pet bed, while lighter areas are still supported promoting correct spine alignment.

100% natural latex is breathable, which makes for a cooler and more hygienic sleep.  The latex delivers ultimate comfort whilst providing a buoyant supportive sensation.  The natural comfort and cushioning properties of the latex make it the ideal choice for relief from joint pain.

Our 100% shredded natural latex comes with the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification.  GOLS ensure that the latex in our pet beds has come from trees that were grown to meet organic practices and the whole manufacturing process is sustainable and not harmful to the environment.

Oxford cloth.jpg

Oxford Cloth

The 420d oxford cloth we use on our beds is waterproof, wipeable and machine washable at 30 degrees.  Once washed, please ensure that the bed is dried naturally, do not tumble dry or place on a radiator.  It is made from polyester making it extremely durable but please bear in mind it is not indestructible.

Sherpa fleece.jpg

Sherpa Fleece

The sherpa fleece we use on the top of our beds is soft and fluffy and makes a perfect resting place for your furry friend.  Sherpa fleece wicks moisture and dries quickly.  It is made from polyester and is machine washable at 30 degrees.  Once washed, please ensure that the top is dried naturally, do not tumble dry or place on a radiator.


Non-slip Base

The non-slip base on the bottom of our pet beds is made from polyester.  Due to the bobbly texture of the base the bed can be used in or out of crates.  They stay put and will not move around when your furry friend is getting on and off them.

Pet Beds: Features
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