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At bECOsy we understand how important a good nights sleep is. That’s why we’ve created a pillow that you can customise yourself to make it just right for you. Whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper, you can make your pillow perfect for your sleeping position. Your pillow will instantly support the shape of your head, neck and shoulders thus improving your sleeping posture and will encourage a healthy blood supply to your muscles, making sure you wake up feeling refreshed.

Bamboo Cover

Washable Bamboo Pillow Protector

Your pillow comes with a removeable bamboo pillow protector and this is to help protect the natural latex filling which is enclosed inside the inner cotton pillowcase.  The bamboo pillow protector is washable at 40 degrees.

Drawstring Bag_edited.jpg

Adjustable height

Just simply unzip the inner 100% cotton pillowcase and remove as much or as little 100% shredded natural latex as you wish; then pop the excess into the handy drawstring bag that comes with your pillow. Store this bag somewhere safe incase one day you decide to pop some back in.


100% Shredded Natural Latex

100% natural latex is hypoallergenic and inherently resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew. The latex in your bECOsy® pillow comes from the milky sap harvested from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). Your pillow consists of three different densities of natural latex – Dunlop, Tatalay and Graphite; so you will experience the qualities and benefits of all three types of latex in your pillow.

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